Gamification in employee training at an automotive company

Expert: Michael Scharpf

Industry: Automotive & Engineering

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Learn how an automotive company successfully increased the data literacy of its employees by using gamification in training.

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Data literacy in the modern business world

In the dynamic world of digital progress, we faced the challenge, Employees without any prior knowledge provide a solid foundation in the areas of data and artificial intelligence (AI).

The goal was clear: The Significantly increase data literacy within the company. The rise of data literacy in today's business environment is not just a wish, but a necessity to stay competitive and effectively harness the power of data.

Gamification as the key to learning

Our response to this challenge was to implement Gamification as a stand-alone staff training programme. We developed the AI Adventure, a Online game (in the form of a website)In a similar way to an Escape Room, groups of 5 players solve exciting puzzles and learn about the basics of data and AI along the way.

By integrating the concept into our training, we ensured a High engagement rate and a motivating learning environment. However, the game alone was only the first step. A subsequent debriefing, designed as a follow-up session, picked up the most important concepts from the game, linked them and deepened the participants' knowledge.

What is gamification in staff training?

Gamification in staff training refers to the application of game design elements in a non-game context, in this case staff training. Through gamification, the Learning for employees more interactive, motivating and often also more effective designed.

Instead of traditional, often dry training methods, playful elements are introduced to increase engagement and facilitate the learning process. This approach is particularly suitable for Complex topics such as data & AI in an appealing and understandable way to convey.

Committed staff and positive feedback

The results exceeded our expectations. Within only one week A total of 8 groups our AI Adventure played. But not only the high participation was a success: the feedback in the subsequent debriefing was overwhelmingly positive.

Our solution not only offered a fun introduction to the complex world of data & AI, but also Motivated the staff to further deepen their knowledge and actively apply it in their daily work routine. Furthermore, the AI Adventure praised as a great team-building experience that created a solid foundation for future projects and collaborations within the team.

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Michael Scharpf

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