Operationalisation of data governance for a life science company

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By implementing strategic data governance operations, we helped a leading life science company optimise its global data structures and realise more efficient business processes.



n the past, we worked with an international life science company that faced an immense challenge. With offices around the globe, the company was struggling with a high level of data complexity. With data coming from different sources and in different formats, it was difficult for the company to maintain a consistent and comprehensive overview. The key challenge was to implement a unified data governance structure that would enable the company to ensure the quality, availability, integrity and security of its data across all business units.


To overcome this challenge, our team developed a two-phase solution. In the first phase, we took the company's requirements and conducted a preliminary study. The goal was to understand the existing data structures and processes and to develop a suitable strategy for data governance operations.

During the design phase, we defined clear roles and responsibilities within data governance to ensure that data could be managed and protected effectively. This was a critical step as it allowed the company to clearly assign responsibilities and ensure that data is managed in accordance with internal and external policies.

As part of the implementation phase, we not only implemented the data governance structure, but also built individual domains. This enabled the company to maintain control over its data and ensure that the data is consistent and reliable, regardless of the geographical location or business unit involved.


As a result of our collaboration, the Life Science Group was able to establish an effective data governance structure. This led to improved business processes by ensuring data quality and consistency across all business units. At the same time, compliance with data protection regulations was facilitated and the risk of data breaches minimised.

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