#DAISC 2023 - May the 4th be with us!

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On 4 May 2023, the otherwise flowery Villa Flora - true to our Star Wars motto - became a galaxy not so far away. Because that's where our Data & AI Spring Conference took place, with stories that could fill entire galaxies!

So our CEO Alexander Thamm, aka Alexandalorian, bravely rescued us himself from the onslaught of enemy Stormtroopers to keep us on the bright side of data power.

Mandalorian aka CEO Alexander Thamm drives out the evil Stormtroopers
CEO Alexander Thamm introduces the DAISC23
CEO Alexander Thamm introduces the DAISC23

After the Stormtroopers were successfully driven away, our presenter duo in the form of Han Solo and Rey took over the defence of our DAISC planet so that everyone present could turn their attention exclusively to the bright side.

Our guests had the choice between two workshops: The first dealt with "Unlocking the Power of Tech: Discovering Trusted AI, LLM & Physics-AI Digital Twins" by Jochen Papenbrock, represented by NVIDIA as one of our sponsors. The second workshop was held by our data.musketeers, including the glorious Jedi Jörg Bienert, on "From Imagination to Creation: Exploring the Limitless Possibilities of Generative AI with use cases and examples".

Afterwards, it was "Stage for our speakers". We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their special insights:

Sandra Richter from Deutsche Bahn as speaker at DAISC23

Sandra Richter from Deutsche Bahn talks about "Good data - that's the name of the game, AI - you want to use it".

Jenny Cheng from Versicherungskammer Bayern as speaker at DAISC23

Jenny Cheng from Versicherungskammer Bayern on the topic of "Establishing AI - and how to escape prototyping hell".

Dr Alexander Borek from Zalando about "Succeeding as a data leader in the age of ubiquitous AI"

Dr Alexander Borek from Zalando as speaker at DAISC23

Surya Pratap Ayyagari from Uniper "How does Data Discoverability support Data Governance at Uniper?

Surya Pratap Ayyagari from Uniper as speaker at DAISC23
AI guru Dr Tristan Behrens from AI Salon as speaker at DAISC23

AI guru Dr Tristan Behrens from AI Salon with a lecture on "The near future of AI-generated music"

After the rousing presentations, an exciting discussion took place in the panel "ChatGPT: Advancing Conversational AI". The panel included Serena Striegel from BMW Group, Thomas Koelzer from BurdaForward, Clemens Wasner from AI Austria, Markus W. Hacker from NVIDIA and Joerg Bienert from KI Bundesverband.

Panelists at DAISC23
Panelists at DAISC23

What would an [at] event be without a competition? Exactly! The official part of the programme therefore ended with the election of our Data Gladiator under the motto "M[AI] the 4th be with you". This time, the Data Gladiator Award went to Dr. Paul Springer from MI4People, who is committed to the use of AI for good - because the potential to do good with AI, e.g. to overcome health and environmental challenges, is enormous!

Winner of the Data Gladiator at DAISC23

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our other award contenders who have recognised the potential of using data and AI for the good side of power! These include in particular:

Contender for the Data Gladiator Award at DAISC23
  • Gerome Wolf from the IFO Institute with a pitch on how AI can be used to predict business figures even in uncertain times.
  • Timm Schmidt from Ergo's Mobile Technology Center with a pitch on data-driven car insurance.
  • Our data.musketeers Dr Vlad Ardelean with a pitch about the Data Academy and AI Adventures and Sebastian Grünwald with his pitch on how to use AI to predict the success of AI projects.

In order to be armed against the dark side of the Force, we naturally provided our Jedis with sufficient "Blue Milk", "Nerf Steak" and other delicacies throughout the day. In the end, there was enough "Corellian Ale" aka alcoholic drinks to fortify our guests and the victory over the dark side could be celebrated further.

Catering at the DAISC23
Table football at the DAISC23
Networking at the DAISC23

We would like to thank all participants, especially our sponsors NVIDIA and Bechtle for their great support, which made it possible for us to organise this event. Celebrating with us were our Star Wars Showacts aka [at] employees, all invited speakers, panelists, customers, partners and other data & AI enthusiasts - may the power of data continue to be with you and always work for good!

Having once again successfully averted evil, we are very excited to announce #DAISC24 already today! So we won't stop using data for good and exploring further potential uses. Look forward to another eventful journey into the world of data and AI, next time in the style of maybe ... Matrix ... I, Robot ...? Get carried away!

Until then, may the data be with us all!

Stormtrooper as a walking act at DAISC23
Networking at the DAISC23
Andreas Gillhuber as Agi-Wan Kenobi at DAISC23

For more impressions of this year's #DAISC23, feel free to check out our Recap video on!


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