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In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, partnerships are crucial to leverage complementary strengths and accelerate innovation. Such a strategic alliance has now been forged between Heidelberg-based AI start-up Aleph Alpha and Munich-based AI consultancy Alexander Thamm [at]. This partnership is particularly important for several reasons, from meeting strict regulatory requirements to improving technical capabilities. In this article, we shed light on why we are proud to support your company as an Aleph Alpha partner and why this cooperation is of great importance for the DACH region and Europe.

High requirements and the importance of transparency and accuracy

The clientele of the Alexander Thamm GmbH [at] spans a wide variety of sectors and industries, but the demand for transparent and accurate AI solutions is universal. This is especially true in sensitive industries like finance, insurance and healthcare, where the Correctness and traceability of AI-generated results must be guaranteed.

If you would like to find out how you can use "AI made in Germany" in your company, then contact us official Aleph Alpha Partner.

In addition, regulatory challenges are an important argument for European providers of AI solutions. The European Union is introducing more and more regulations for AI applications that companies have to comply with. Non-EU companies often lag behind in this respect - Aleph Alpha offers a significant advantage here: With their language model 'Luminous', customers can access a European language model (Large Language Model = LLM).

Alexander Thamm, Founder and CEO of Alexander Thamm GmbH stressed:

"It is becoming increasingly important for European companies to invest in AI in order to remain competitive internationally. We have been helping our clients to add value to AI for years and have already realised many projects in the field of generative AI and LLMs. With Aleph Alpha and their powerful language models at our side, we are confident to further strengthen Europe's position in the global AI landscape.."  

Jonas Andrulis, CEO and Founder of Aleph Alpha, adds:

"We are delighted to partner with Alexander Thamm, one of the most successful technology consultancies for AI in the German-speaking world. The collaboration offers us the opportunity to expand our offering to a broader range of applications while benefiting from [at]'s extensive expertise in consulting, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Big Data. Together, we will drive the sustainable deployment of trustworthy and sovereign AI applications for enterprises and public administration."

Synergy effects: GenAI offerings, on-premise hosting and focus on data protection

Alexander Thamm [at] was a pioneer in offering a wide range of Services around Generative AI. The partnership with Aleph Alpha enables [at] to incorporate state-of-the-art models that specifically developed for the European linguistic landscape instead of focusing only on English.

Another technical advantage is the possibility to use Aleph Alpha's Large Language Model (LLM) Luminous on site. Host in the customer's own infrastructure (on-premise). This not only simplifies deployment, but also leads to faster troubleshooting and overall higher system availability - offering a decisive advantage over the use of open source models.

Aleph Alpha takes great care in the selection of the data and observes copyright and data protection laws in the process. This focus on the Compliance with regulations such as the GDPR makes Aleph Alpha's models ideal for real-world applications in Europe.

Within the framework of our partnership with Aleph Alpha Already carried out several projects. Here are two concrete examples of the use of Luminous:

Project 1 - Luminous in the health sector 

Starting point & challenge: 
A client checks hospital bills for plausibility to identify possible billing errors. This process is currently done manually by domain experts such as nurses. One challenge is that the invoice is coded and certain combinations can lead to a higher billing amount. If there is any doubt about the plausibility, hospital reports, OP reports and doctor's letters are requested and analysed manually. This process is time-consuming and labour-intensive. 

The goal is, semi-automated processes to develop the Plausibility check of hospital invoices faster and simpler. This is to be achieved by using Aleph Alpha's language model. Luminous is designed to automatically check the coding of the invoice or automatically evaluate hospital reports, OP reports and doctor's letters. 

Project 2 - Aleph Alpha in the public domain  

Starting point: 

Access to the city's offers and services is to be made faster and easier for citizens. Various methods are to be evaluated, one of which is the use of an AI to be able to answer user queries quickly. 

A big city wants a Proof of Concept (PoC) with a large language model (LLM) from the company Aleph Alpha. The aim is to develop an application to work during a test period with a Chatbot on the contents of approx. 40,000 HTML pages with urban services. 

Conclusion: Alexander Thamm x Aleph Alpha - Partners for a Competitive Europe

Alexander Thamm [at] wants to ensure that Europe does not fall behind in the areas of data and AI. The partnership with Aleph Alpha is a clear commitment to this goal, as it brings together two companies that are committed to technological progress in Europe.

If you would like to find out how you can use "AI made in Germany" in your company, please contact us.



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