The Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) is the most senior position related to data, analytics and AI. Depending on the industry and the strategic importance and maturity of data and analytics in a particular company, this role may be held by a board member, senior vice president, vice president or director-level individual.

Usually, the role of a Chief Data Officer (CDO) and a Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) are combined in one person, as there are many synergies and overlaps. For example, there may also be regional versions of a CDAO who then report to a global CDAO. Since analytics also Machine Learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) usually also falls within the scope of CDAO. 

What is the role of the CDAO?

The CDAO is the head of data, analytics and AI in the organisation. He is responsible for the management of this department and how data is collected and used within the organisation. 

Its remit may include: 

  • Developing a data, analytics and AI strategy and strategic plan 
  • Set data management policies 
  • the development of the data organisation 
  • the management of overarching data and analysis functions 
  • Managing the data, analytics and AI product and project portfolio 
  • Management and control of the data, analytics and AI budget 
  • Management and control of the data, analytics and AI platform 
  • Possession of the Data architecture 
  • Defining the tool stack for data, analytics and AI projects 

Which applications should the CDAO be aware of? 

  • Power Point and Excel 
  • Jira and Confluence 

What skills/experience/knowledge should he have? 

  • Strong experience in developing and executing a data, analytics and AI strategy and strategic plan 
  • Profound knowledge of the company's business model 
  • great experience in data management 
  • great experience in data architecture 
  • Strong experience in managing data projects and budgets 
  • Good knowledge of machine learning and business intelligence (BI) 
  • convincing and assertive personality 
  • strong leadership skills 

A typical CDAO

  • Already has leadership experience as a senior decision-maker 
  • Has experience in harnessing data and analysis 
  • Has experience in the management of databases