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The "digital transformation" is one of the key challenges facing companies of all sizes and from all industries - often starting with a business value assessment. In our experience, however, transformation is not a matter of a large overall project in the sense that it can rarely be realised on the basis of a single implementation strategy. On the contrary, during implementation it becomes apparent again and again that a subdivision into a multitude of different data-driven Use cases makes sense. It is important that the individual use cases are embedded in an overall context - a Digitalisation strategy.

When developing a successful digitisation strategy, the central question is which of the possible use cases offers the greatest added value at the beginning. Because especially at the beginning, it is important not only to gain experience with lighthouse projects (Proof of concept), but rather to prove that digitisation also pays off in the end (Proof of Value).

Definition: What is Business Value Assessment?

A Business Value Assessment offers you:

  1. an assessment tailored to your company of the relevant use-Cases and
  2. a Overview of the spectrum of possible uses-Cases for your company.

A business value assessment thus has a strategically important role at the beginning of the Data Journey. In our experience, there are many more possible use cases than our clients may realise at the beginning. An important step in the context of the business value assessment is therefore the grouping of the use cases in Value Pools. This grouping offers you a concrete decision-making aid because it answers the important question "Where ́s the beef?

Prioritisation of the Value Pool

Evaluation of the use cases

Derive recommendations for action

Grouping of use cases into value pools

The benefit of Value pools This is to be briefly illustrated by a concrete example: the Targeting Optimisation. This is an approach to marketing in which customers are specifically identified both online and offline, analysed and thus addressed in an optimised manner. There is a whole range of use cases with which this is possible, such as AdWords Optimisation, Automated Online Campaigning or Customer Segmentation. Each of these UseCases now gets a different valuation to what extent it reduces costs or generates profit. Taken together, this results in the value pool.

Aim of the Business Value Assessment

At the end of the Business Value Assessment, the Prioritisation of the value pools and associated recommendations for action. This requires a calculated weighing of benefits, costs and risks for the individual areas of your digital business. Our particular concern is to arrive at an individualised assessment of the digitisation projects for your company and to derive recommendations for action that are strategically relevant for you.

The starting position of companies

The desire of many of our clients is to realise a successful digital transformation - this is the most common reason to undertake a business value assessment. Our mission here is to enable and support these companies in shaping the change towards a data-driven organisation. In this situation, the business value assessment takes on the important function of first providing orientation on the next important steps in the digitisation of the company. The business value assessment can ultimately decide whether the strategy at the end of the day is "disruption" or "optimisation".

Our promise

Our goal is to provide management with a sound basis for their decisions. To this end, we provide an assessment and weighing of Benefit, Costs and Risks for individual use cases. In doing so, we can draw on the experience of more than 500 successfully implemented projects and thus assess very precisely what value creation is possible through digitalisation. Through precise analyses of your business models and well-founded recommendations for action, we can ensure for your company that the investment in the digital future is sustainable and also pays off in the end.

Over 500 data projects

For over 50 percent of all Dax companies

in all sectors

How Business Value Assessment creates added value

The business value assessment is a central building block in the future orientation and timely positioning of your company in the market. By analysing existing business models and developing new ones, we can support you in making the right decision. The right use case for you can be the optimisation of existing business models, but also the disruption of a market segment. This is achieved through precise knowledge of which value creation is made possible by digitalisation.

Our services in the area of Business Value Assessment

On the topic of Business Value Assessment, we offer a Workshop to identify value pools, taking into account your holistic data strategy, the status quo of your company and your competitors, as well as the data basis, benefits, costs and risks. In addition, we rely on a individualised assessment of the digitisation projects and deriving strategic recommendations for action for our customers. The aim in each case is to Future orientation of our customers' strategy, and to ensure that the selected use cases are actually used for the Value creation Contribute.


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