#InsideAT - Our new Machine Learning Engineer Sebastian Straub

from | 22 January 2020 | #InsideAT

In our #InsideAT series we regularly present introduces new employees. Today it's Sebastian Straub's turn. He is starting with us as a Machine Learning Engineer - in this interview he tells us what drove him to join, what his background is and how he likes to spend his life outside of work.

Which position are you taking on at AT?

I climb as Machine Learning Engineer at AT.

How did you hear about AT come to your attention? 

I asked around for jobs with a focus on data science in Munich and was thus introduced to AT attentive.

Why did you Why did you choose AT?

I chose AT because of the strong focus on data science and because I like working at consultancies because of the variety.

What are you are you looking forward to the most?

Digging through huge amounts of data and implementing exciting projects together with my new colleagues and having fun in the process.

What did you done before?

I've been working as a software developer in Dresden for the last five years, where I've had a lot to do with machine learning, search technologies and generally rather data-heavy projects. I completed my Master's degree in Computer Science at TU Dresden, and before that I studied Media Informatics at LMU Munich.

Where were you born and raised?

In Freising near Munich.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy the summer outdoors with bike tours, motorbike tours, hiking, swimming or just reading a good book in the shade. In winter, I hardly step outside the door. I spend a lot of time with films, games and hobby (software) projects.

What has been your favourite travel destination so far and where would you definitely like to go?

I spent a summer on Work&Travel in Canada, which was an incredible experience. The country is so huge and beautiful and so much of it is not developed by people. There is still so much to discover there, so I would love to travel there again, maybe this time more to the East Coast and Newfoundland.

What is your favourite film?

That's a really difficult question... I like Tarantino's films, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are great. David Lynch (Mulholland Drive) and Wes Anderson (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) have also made some outstanding films. There have been some very good sci-fi films released in the last few years, like Ex Machina and Arrival. A classic and one of my favourite films is probably Donnie Darko.

What was the last book you read?

Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

What are your three most important work utensils?

Notebook, headphones, ... does it have to be three? ?

What would you get up for in the middle of the night?

A glass of water; but only when I'm really thirsty ?

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